3 Million Internet Toothbrushes, Oh My!

Apparently, three million Internet-connected toothbrushes were recently compromised and used to launch a DDoS attack. This is being widely reported across multiple news (and “news”) sources and it’s been a hot topic on various social media platforms for a day or so. It’s mad, right? But there’s just one problem. It’s not true. There are… Continue reading 3 Million Internet Toothbrushes, Oh My!

Password, Smashword

(AKA, “Alan Is Running Out Of Ideas For Post Titles.”) A quick recap. In Part 1 we looked at why keeping your personal authentication credentials safe is important. In Part 2 we explored how passwords are increasingly becoming unfit for purpose. In Part 3 we had a brief segue into why people inherently struggle with… Continue reading Password, Smashword