One Man and his Right Honourable Member

So, Matt Hancock had been caught both figuratively and literally with his pants down. I could comment on this but a) this is a security blog so it’s not relevant and b) I don’t really care.

The leaked footage, seemingly, is from a CCTV camera screen and recorded on a hand-held phone.


Why is this not raising questions? Someone has seemingly recorded video from a CCTV monitor using their mobile phone in what one would sincerely hope should be a secure location within a government building. They’ve then sent this recording to a national newspaper. Leaving “oh, what convenient timing” aside for a moment, this is surely a serious security breach.

I’m assuming it’s not been taken by authorised security personnel because they would have access to the actual footage, unless they were clever enough not to show their hand (or dim enough not to know how to access it I suppose). So we’ve got unauthorised people wandering round the security station. Who else might be able to just pop in for a cup of tea and a bit of light photography? Delegates from foreign powers? Newspaper owners? Anyone else who might have a vested interest in blackmailing a politician?

Hands. Face. Arse.

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